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New Machinery, CNC Vertical Machining Centers
HSM-550U-5X 5
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EUMACH – ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD Outstanding precision, productivity and reliability make Eumach 5 axis machining centers the ideal solution for high speed 5 axis machining applications such as aluminum, titanium and special alloys. The HSM series has rapidly been increasing in demand in the aerospace, medical optical, automotive and other industries. With 30-year experience Eumach offers high quality 3-5 axis machining technology. Eumach has been developing groundbreaking solutions to the challenges of this growing market - from the smallest 255mm diameter table up to 1650mm diameter - or by using 2 axis milling heads on large size double column machines. The following benefits from these solutions are significant: Fewer set-ups: maximum number of tasks achieved in a single operation with less misalignment Less handling: minimal risk of collision damage High flexibility: machining centers with 24, 32 or 40 tool magazines with automatic tool changer Reduced cycle time: using high-speed cutting function from the latest advanced CNC controls Reduced lead times: less operations Common platform: suitable for different parts Low cost of ownership: maximum cost-benefit ratio through entire lifecycle VALUE STANDARD EQUIPMENT X/Y/Z travel: 800/610/510mm Table: 550mm Dia. Tilt range +120 to -42 degrees Automatic tool changer: arm type, 32 tool position CAT 40 taper Spindle Speed:12000 RPM with 2 step for heavy duty cut on low speed 20Hp /25Hp (30 min) 2 speed spindle motor Through spindle Coolant Chip conveyor

# Axis5
RPM12,000 RPM
Power2,024 hp
# ATC32
ControlCNC (Fagor)
Weight17,196 Lbs. / 7800 Kg.

EUMACH HSM-550U-5X MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS Tilting Rotary Table Table diameter 21-21/32"- 550 MM Top plate diameter21-21/32"- 550 MM Maximum load capacity 200kg Travel X-axis 31-1/2" 800mm Y-axis 24-1/64" 610mm Z-axis 20-5/64" 510mm B-axis -42 to +120 degrees C-axis 360 degrees Distances Spindle to column ways 25-25/64" 645mm Spindle to table top from 5-1/8" 130 to 25-13/64" 640mm Floor to table top 45-63/64" 1,168mm Spindle Taper BT#40 or CAT#40 or SK#40 Maximum speed 12,000 rpm/2 speed Motor power 20.3 /24.5 Hp. 15/18.5kW Feed Rates Rapid X/Y/Z axis 1-3/16" 30m/ 1-3/16" 30m/ 15/16" 24m per minute Cutting X/Y/Z/W axis 5/16" 8m per minute Automatic Tool Changer Number of tool pockets 32 Maximum tool diameter 4-59/64" 125mm Maximum tool length 9-27/32" 250mm Maximum tool weight 15.43 / 7 kg Tool-to-tool change time 3 seconds Coolant & lubrication Coolant motor 1.27 kW Coolant tank volume 250 Liters Coolant motor capacity 20l/minute Lubrication motor 25 Watt Lubrication tank volume 2 Liters Accuracy XYZ axis positioning JIS 6338: +/-0.005 per 300mm VDI 3441: P0.01mm XYZ axis repeatability JIS 6338: +/-0.003mm - VDI 3441: PS0.008mm BC axis positioning arc.sec. 15/45 BC axis repeatability arc.sec. +/-4 - +/-3 Miscellaneous Machine weight 17,196 Lbs. / 7800 Kg. Power required 40kVa Air required 7kg/cm2 Optioal RENISHAW WIRELESS WORK AND TOOL PROBE US$15,900.00

New Machinery, CNC Vertical Machining Centers