N&R Machine Sales has the capability to repair or recondition your Warner & Swasey Turret Lathes Model 2A Thru 5A Square Heads.

We have one of the largest inventories of Warner & Swasey in the US.

Repairs / Recondition Consist Of The Following:

  1. Rapid Traverse Boxes Front & Rear
    • New Bearing And Bushings
    • New Clutch Disc.
    • New Gears & Shafts As Needed
    • New Rapids Bushing And Key
  2. Rapid Drive Box On Head Stock
    • New Bearing and Bushings
    • Shafts And Gears As Needed
  3. Front And Rear Aprons And Saddles
    • Scrapped And Fitted Top Slides
    • New Nut & Screw
    • Gibs Fitted
    • New Bushings & Bearings
    • Feed Bushings & Key
    • Levers, Gears As Needed
  4. New Rapid & Feed Shafts
  5. Headstocks
    • New Input Bearing
    • New Forward And Reverse Clutches
    • New Brake Clutches
    • New gears As Needed
    • New Spindle Bearings If Needed (Call For Delivery Times)
  6. Ways Ground If Needed