Saws, Vertical
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Used 18"X 22" Marvel Vertical Band Saw Model 8 Mark ll

Blade Width1"
Blade Length174"
FPM50 to 450 FPM
DimensionsR-L 54" X F-B 96" X Height 84"
Weight2,650 Lbs.

CAPACITY: 90° 18" x 22" CAPACITY: 45° 18" x 12.75" SPEED RANGE: 50-450 fpm infinitely variable speed drive system. FRONT-MOUNTED SPEED CONTROL Allows blade speed to be adjusted from operator's control station. FEED RANGE: 0 - 140 lbs. infinitely variable direct reading scale balance beam. T-SLOTTED WORK TABLE: Work area 24.25" x 33"; table height 34.5"; four machined T-slots accept .625" (15.5 mm) T-Bolts. MITER CUTTING: Column and blade tilt up to 45° right and left of vertical; work always stationary. Built in protractor. BLADE: 14' 6" Long x 1" Wide x .035" Thick. One Welded-Edge Band Blade is furnished with each machine. MOTORS Main: 5 H.P., 1800 RPM, totally enclosed fan cooled. Coolant Pump: 1/8 H.P. enclosed motor-built-in integrally. Floor Space: R-L 54" X F-B 96" X Height 84" Machine Weight 2,650 Lbs.

Equipped With

QUICK-ACTION VISE: Maximum opening 18". Jaws can be shifted to either right or left side of blade. Jaws are 6" high, 12" wide. AUTOMATIC STOPS: Adjustable stops can be pre-set to stop advance and return of blade and to stop motor at any location within the 18" travel of the blade. COOLANT SYSTEM: Built in with Flood system, available with added optional drop lubrication system. Controlled by on-off selector switch at operator's station. Tank capacity 21 gallons. FLUSHING HOSE: Washes chips from hard-to-get-at places reducing clean-up time. POWER CHIP BRUSH: Together with blade wipers and flood coolant keep blade teeth free of chips. CARBIDE GUIDE SYSTEM: Guides are stationary and can be rotated to present new guiding surface to the blade. Upper and lower guides have preloaded carbide-faced back-up blocks to support back edge of the blade.

Used 18"X 22" Marvel Vertical Band Saw Model 8 Mark ll

Used 18"X 22" Marvel Vertical Band Saw Model 8 Mark ll
Saws, Vertical