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72" Gibson Table Type Shot Blast Gibson Table Blasters Versatile, rugged systems that deliver consistent, repeatable results Easy to install, simple to operate Gibson Table Blasters process parts weighing up to 10,000 pounds with diameters up to eight feet and heights exceeding four. Featuring eleven standard models, Gibson’s line of Table Blasters provides the versatility and flexibility to efficiently blast parts ranging from ten-pound gears to heavy fabrications. These rugged machines facilitate cleaning, peening, deburring, profiling, finishing and many other surface conditioning tasks in metal-intensive industries involving casting, welding and fabrication. For processing, parts are loaded onto a powered turntable which rotates within the blast envelope to provide 360º exposure to the blast stream. Models with an oscillating blast wheel, such as our 36" Power Table, enhance blast coverage. And features like the swing door on our Table Blasters expedite loading and unloading by enabling the operator to swing the system’s door-mounted turntable in and out of the blast enclosure. All models feature abrasion-resistant liners on turntables for extended service life. Models used with heavy parts are designed for overhead loading and unloading with either a hoist or crane.

DimensionsR-L122" X F-B 168" X Height 96"
Weight6,000 Lbs.

Gibson 72” Table Blaster CABINET Fabricated from 1/4” thick Steel Plate and AR400 AR400 Left, Right and Rear Walls Access door in rear of cabinet permit removal of tramp metal collected on abrasive screen. Media Recovery Auger DOOR ¼” thick Steel Front Swing Door Lined with AR400 (Door and Deflector Plate) Air-Operated Power Lock WHEEL 12” diameter Wheel Direct drive, 3,510 rpm, 20 hp Eight (8) 2.5” wide Curved Blades Balanced for smooth operation HUB Patented technology allows wheel assembly to be dynamically balanced. This allows for increased motor life, major sound reduction, and less downtime. BLADES Snaplock design eases blade replacement Curved blades provide maximum abrasive control Cast from abrasive resistant alloy CONTROL CAGE Dial Type, eases blast pattern adjustability WHEEL HOUSING 1/4” thick Steel Plate Alloy Steel Lined, Replaceable WORKTABLE 72” dia. ¼” thick Steel Plate with Drain Holes 3/8” thick Abrasive-Resistant AR400 Liner Heavy-Duty Table Support Bearings (completely enclosed) External Motor and Gear Reducer Load Height = 32” from grade 9.5 rpm **See VFD option below** CAPACITY Up to 72” dia. x 37” high 6,000 lb. evenly distributed ELEVATOR V-Belt Bucket Elevator with positive tracking, easily adjustable Heavy-Duty C-Section Elevator Belt Multiple-Cord Construction Solid Cast Iron Elevator Sheaves 3” Metal Stamped Buckets Removable Hopper Debris Screen ABRASIVE CONTROL VALVE Totally enclosed butterfly valve Air Cylinder-Operated Fully Adjustable VENTILATION Requires 2,000 cfm at 6” static pressure **Ducting from system to dust collector is not included.** **See Optional Dust Collector below.** ELECTRICAL CONTROLS NEMA-12 Panel (460/60/3) Unitronics HMI, 4” Color Screen Turntable Drive Motor Current Sensor for Jam Protection Door Locked Until Wheel Motor stops rotating Table Bypass for Blast Pattern Test Turntable Jog Button ‘Blast On’ Hour Meter Motor starter for 5hp Dust Collector 1-DAY SYSTEM RUN-OFF (VIDEO OR AT GIBSON FACILITY) Parts and media required 4 weeks prior to run-off. SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION – DRAWINGS, MANUAL AND BILLS OF MATERIALS Paper Copy and Electronic Copy (USB Drive) CABINET OPTIONS PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Table Liner, 72”, Manganese $3,304.00 Cast Alloy Cabinet Liners $8,114.00 230/60/3 Electricals $350.00 Variable Freq. Drive Blast Wheel 460/3/60, Includes 7” Screen Upgrade $3,342.00 Variable Freq. Drive Blast Wheel 230/3/60, Includes 7” Screen Upgrade $2,633.00 Variable Freq. Drive Turntable, Includes 7” Screen Upgrade $1,752.00 Low Level Sensor, Shield, Indicator Light $400.00 Automatic Abrasive Adder Hopper $1,500.00 (Includes Low Level Sensor, Shield, Indicator Light) Stack Light, 3-Light (Running, Stopped, Media Low) $1,765.00 Shot Re-Classifier $13,133.00 Shot Trap / (ST3000) $5,215.00 Access Platform $6,744.00 DUST COLLECTOR: 2,000 cfm Cartridge Dust Collector, Gibson 1516-PDC / (DC2000-5000) $15,755.00 Magnahelic Gauge (15) Cartridges 5-Gallon Lid (waste drum not included) Automatic Reverse-Pulse Filter Cleaning, Timer-Controlled 900 sq. ft. Filter Area 5 hp Blower Motor *Ducting from system to dust collector is not included.* DUST COLLECTOR OPTIONS: HEPA Filter $3,887.00 Automatic Reverse-Pulse Filter Cleaning via Photohelic Gauge Kit $456.00 Silencer $996.00 Explosion Vent $2,277.00 55 Gallon Leg Kit $500.00 TERMS: 40% Down 50% Prior to Shipment 10% 15 Days after Shipment Note: Manufacturing will not start without down payment and shipment will not proceed without 2nd installment. FOB ORIGIN, FREIGHT COLLECT: Indianapolis, IN 46256 Customer to specify carrier. SHIPMENT: Estimated 11 - 13 weeks after receipt of P.O. and Down-payment. Delivery will be based on current backlog at time of Down-payment. Special paint extends delivery by 1 – 2 weeks. INTERNATIONAL PAPERWORK / DOCUMENTATION FEE: $175.00 Fee to cover export documents, freight forwarder and insurance quotes. ABOVE PRICES VALID FOR 30 DAYS Storage Charges for Stretch or Delayed Delivery If the buyer wishes to postpone the pre-established shipment date, or delivery is stretched because of a delayed milestone payment (if applicable) the buyer will be charged for moving the equipment offsite to a third-party warehouse and a weekly storage fee will be applied for each week the order remains in storage. Empire can offer a reasonable 5-day grace period and if this expires with no action having been taken by the buyer, Empire will immediately move the equipment to a third-party warehouse. Premature delivery is permissible unless this would be unreasonably disadvantageous for the customer. SPECIFICATIONS WHEEL: Single-sided, efficiently designed blast wheel reduces the overhung load on the motor as well as the time it takes to change blades, impellors, and control cage. High horsepower to weight ratio increases the abrasive delivery per horsepower. ELECTRICAL: NEMA-12 Electrical Enclosure Fused Disconnect Thermal Overload Protection for all motors 460 Volt Ammeter Oil-Tight Pushbutton Controls Timer controls the abrasive flow, turntable rotation, blast wheel motor, and door lock. Mill Bypass for blast pattern test. ELECTRIC MOTORS, 460/60/3, TEFC Blast Motor 10 hp, 3,510 rpm – 7.6 amps @ 460 V Table Drive ¾ hp, 1,725 rpm – 1.4 amps @ 460 V Elevator Drive ¾ hp, 1,725 rpm – 1.4 amps @ 460 V Optional Dust Collector 5 hp, 3,500 rpm – 1.2 amps @ 460 V SAFETY FEATURES Blast wheel operational only when door is closed (OSHA-compliant) Air lock prevents cabinet door from opening during blast cycle. NOISE LEVEL Approximately 80 dbA Optional Dust Collector = 85 dBA ESTIMATED SHIPPING WEIGHT 5,000 pounds (cabinet only) ESTIMATED SHIPPING DIMENSIONS (cabinet only) Width: 119” Depth: 95” Height: 100” SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE Electrical Requirements: 33 Amps at 460volts, 60 Hz, 3 phase (standard) Compressed Air: 10 scfm at 80 psi Paint: Standard Paint is "Gibson Grey" or “Safety Blue”. The system can be painted the customer's specified color at an additional cost of $1,200.00. Charge is based on one color and one coat. Paint materials are supplied by Gibson. Quantity of four (4) paint chips or coupons must be supplied for Empire to match the customer’s color. Paint RAL paint codes will not be accepted as alternative to physical paint coupons. Excess paint materials will be shipped with the machine. Note: Electrical components are of UL/CSA certification. The system, however, is not CSA certified. Certification by others, if required. CUSOMER PARTS: ALL PARTS MUST BE 100% FREE OF GREESE, OIL, STICKERS AND DEBRIS PRIOR TO PROCESSING IN THE BLAST MACHINE.INSTALLATION SUPERVISION: Installation and start-up supervision by a qualified factory technician can be furnished. The fee for Gibson’s Paid Service Call will be $1,050.00 per day plus expenses within the United States and Canada. Daily and/or hourly rate ($150.00 hour) will be charged for travel time. The fee for international service calls will be (US) $1,250.00 per day plus expenses payable in US$. All expenses incurred during the service trip, airfare, car rental, mileage, tolls, fuel, parking, lodging, meals, etc. will be in addition to the daily rate. Visa, entry fees, and medical expenses requirement to enter a foreign country will be included as an expense. A working day, which includes travel time, is to be a maximum of (8) hours per day between the hours of 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Pre-arranged scheduled overtime and working hours other than above will be at time and one half (1 ½) times the standard rate and must be arranged in advance. Unscheduled overtime and hours will be billed at double (2 times) the standard rate. A customer purchase order for the Paid Service Call must be issued and received by Gibson Abrasive Equipment a minimum of (21) days prior to the anticipated service call start date. International Service Calls require Purchase Order receipt by Gibson Abrasive Equipment a minimum of (4) weeks prior to the anticipated service call start date. CHANGE ORDERS: With a project of this scope, it is understood that work not covered in this proposal may arise as a result of discoveries, alterations, or realizations of corporate needs as work progresses. Before executing work not specifically covered in this proposal, Gibson will provide a written change order and require a Purchase Order for all hours and material needed to complete said Change Order. Work will not commence until signed approval of said Change Order, by an authorized company representative, is received in the Gibson office. Depending on the complexity of the change order, this may delay run-off and delivery of equipment. SPECIFICATIONS: The system as quoted will be designed and manufactured to Gibson Abrasive Equipment Company's standard manufacturing practices, unless otherwise specified in the quotation. If the customer requires the system to be designed and manufactured to other standards or specifications, Gibson can comply at an additional cost. Notification of these standards or specifications must be received prior to Gibson's acceptance of purchase order. PAINT: Standard Paint is Gibson Gray. The system can be painted the customer's specified color at an additional cost. Charge is based on quantity of colors and number of coats. Paint materials are supplied by Gibson. Quantity of four (4) paint chips or coupons must be supplied for Gibson to match the customer’s color. Paint codes will not be accepted. Excess paint materials will be shipped with the machine. Gibson reserves the right to refuse use of materials that pose health hazards or are incompatible with Gibson equipment. APPROVAL DRAWINGS: One set of electronic job specific drawings will be provided after receipt of order. Gibson will ask customer to review these drawings for critical dimensions and carefully check for conformity to any special site requirements, such as overall assembly heights, floor plan layout, electrical and air requirements. After review, Gibson will require a returned signed copy of approval drawings within 48 hours of receipt. Delay in returning drawings may delay scheduled shipment. Changes made after receipt of signed approval drawings will result in additional charges. MANUALS: One set of paper and one set of electronic documentation including Assembly Drawings, BOM’s and Installation/Operating Manuals will be furnished, in English. Unless otherwise specified, these documents will be Gibson's standard drawings and manuals. If additional copies or another language is required, Gibson can supply at an addition charge. SYSTEM RUN-OFF: All Gibson automated systems will have a system run-off at Gibson’s facility prior to shipping. These systems require customer approval prior to shipment. Partial or non-assembled system may or may not have a run-off and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Gibson’s standard system run-off will be for (1) day (unless otherwise specified) and consist of the following: • System operational and functional review • System maintenance review MEDIA: Unless otherwise stated in the quotation, media is not included with the system. FINISH REQUIREMENTS: Gibson will not be responsible for information not disclosed prior to placement of order, such as specific finish requirements and production rates. Purchaser To Furnish The following items are to be provided by the purchaser and are not included in the equipment price. Each item should be reviewed to insure a clear understanding of all applicable requirements. Installation Site Preparation: • All required flat, level concrete or embedded/floor mounted steel to support or secure the proposed equipment. • All anchor bolts, grouting (if required), and shim stock. • Building to provide weather protection. • All necessary building roof and wall penetrations, curbs, sealing and flashing. • All required licenses and permits to construct and operate the proposed equipment. • Clear and free access with 110 VAC power supply for power tools. • All piping between machine and Dust Collector will need to be supplied and installed by customer. Electrical: • All electrical wiring to the control panel and power connection to panel disconnects. • All electrical wiring to the dust collector control panel and power connection to the panel disconnects. • All wiring between the dust collector and main control panel interlock. • 460 VAC, 3-phase, 60 hertz power supply required. Alternate voltages available. Pneumatic: • Clean, dry, oil-free compressed air for the abrasive control valves and dust collector, complete with filter, water trap and lockable shut-off valve, pressure regulator, 0-100 psi pressure gauge terminating at the dust collector and the blast equipment with a minimum pressure of 50 psi and a maximum of 90 psi. • Compressed air for the dust collector must be dried to the point that the pressure dew point is 5 - 10°F below the lowest temperature to which the unit will be exposed. Note: Failure to do so will void the filter warranty. • All pneumatic piping and tubing from compressed air source to dust collector pneumatic devices. • Receiving, off-loading and dry storage of equipment in a set-down area in close proximity to the final equipment location. • All necessary installation labor to assemble the proposed equipment. • All equipment, tools and devices required for the erection of the equipment. Abrasive: • 2000 pounds initial charge

Equipped With

Gibson Dust Collector Disclaimer Gibson collectors are marketed, sold and manufactured by Gibson for a variety of applications. Some applications include inherent fire and explosion hazards. Gibson wishes to state its rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of our customers and equipment users. Gibson is neither an expert nor a certified consultant for fire, spark, or explosion detection, suppression and control. Furthermore, our customers and equipment users acknowledge that there are many factors, which contribute to fires, and explosions, which are out of the control of Gibson. These factors include but are not limited to the design and maintenance of ductwork, fire suppression and detection systems as well as worker procedure and error. Therefore, Gibson assumes no liability for the fitness of any of its products (with respect to fires and explosions) for a particular installation or application. Gibson products are available with sprinkler taps and/or explosion vents, but the fitness of these devices for a particular application or installation is the responsibility of the customer. Gibson recommends that all dust control system designs be reviewed and approved by an expert consultant who is responsible for the integrity of the system design and compliance with locally accepted codes. Gibson also recommends that proper maintenance procedures and work practices be followed to maintain any dust control system in safe operating condition. Gibson requests that customers, equipment users and consultants work with Gibson during the proposal and design stages of projects so that Gibson may recommend an appropriate dust collector for a given dust control system. Gibson may provide referrals to suppliers of equipment designed to detect and/or suppress sparks, fires and/or explosions, but Gibson does not assume any responsibility for such referrals. All Piping between Machine, Dust Collector and/or Shot Trap is quoted upon request and is not included in the above pricing. The end user is responsible to check and meet all codes concerning dust collectors and proper location and ventilation requirements and should check with all Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) which may include but not limited to OSHA, NFPA, Local Codes, Fire Marshall, Insurance Company, and others. This Disclaimer is to be included with all quotes and proposals made by Gibson Abrasive Equipment, LLC for its products which are to be used in processing applications or other applications with inherent fire and explosion hazards. Acceptance and/or approval of quotes and/or proposals include the acceptance of this Disclaimer. The end user is responsible to check and meet all codes concerning dust collectors and proper location and ventilation requirements and should check with all Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) which may include but not limited to OSHA, NFPA, Local Codes, Fire Marshall, Insurance Underwriter, and others. STANDARD LIMITED WARRANTY Gibson Abrasive Equipment, LLC ("Gibson") warrants all parts and equipment against defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. Upon prompt notification by the buyer to Gibson, components that are determined by Gibson to be defective (See limitations and procedures below) will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge. LIMITATIONS: 1. This warranty does not apply to normal wear items such as (but not limited to) blades, impeller, control cages, liners or other components that are exposed to direct contact with blast media. 2. All recommended maintenance schedules must be followed by the buyer. See operating Instructions. 3. It does not apply to misapplication of product. 4. Unauthorized service, repair, improper installation, improper operation, improper maintenance, alterations, misuse, neglect, accident or excessive ambient conditions, abnormal environment conditions will void the warranty. 5. If genuine Gibson replacement parts are not used the warranty is void. 6. Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) form must be completed and accompany all returned materials. Returns will not be processed without prior authorization and RMA number. 7. Associated installation costs are excluded. 8. Freight cost for materials returned to Gibson are to be assumed by the buyer unless the parts are determined defective by Gibson. 9. Parts not supplied by Gibson are not covered. 10. Commercial components (such as motors, gear reducers, bearings) are warranted under terms of the original manufacturer. 11. Gibson will not assume any expense or liability for repairs made outside its plant without written consent by Gibson. EXTENDED LIMITED WARRANTY Gibson Abrasive Equipment will extend the Standard Limited Warranty by one (1) additional year with the purchase of Gibson's recommended wear parts package. This needs to be purchased within 30 days after machine shipment. Commercial components remain under terms of the original manufacturer per limitation #10. Thank you for the opportunity to provide this quotation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance with your blast finishing needs.