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Boring Mills, Table Type
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Rebuilt 3.9" Tos Model W100 A Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill

Spindle Size3.9"
Spindle Tvl.35"
Y-Vert Tvl of Head48"
X-Horiz Tvl of Table63"
DimensionsR-L 265" X F-B 136" X 120" High
Weight30,850 Lbs.

Spindle Size 3.93 Spindle Taper ISO #50 Spindle Speeds 7 To 1,120 Rpm's Spindle And Head Stock Rapid Traverse 1,600 IPM Spindle Feeds .0008 To .025 Spindle Travel W Axis 35" Spindle Head Travel Up & Down Y Axis 44 Saddle Travel In & Out Z Axis 49" Rotary Table Size 49" X 49" Rotary Table Weight 6,000 Lbs. Rotary Table Feeds .056 To .025 Cross & Longitudinal Feeds .02 To .025 Table Travel Cross A Axis 63" Facing Head Diameter 23.6" Facing Head Slide Travel 8.276" Max Diameter Of Facing Head 35.43" Facing Head Speeds 7.1 To 224 I.P.M. Main Motor 15 Hp. Dimension Width And Length 265" X 136" Height 120" Weight 30,850 Lbs. FEATURES: Machine with modern Motor and Electrics 5 Axis DRO TS MAX Scales on X, Y, Z and W-Axis B-Axis measurement with a built-in rotary encoder and 4x90° Optical Readout Long life Spindle and Spindle Bearings Central Lubrication System for All Axes Telescopic Covers 24 Inch Facing Head With Maximum Face Milling Diameter 35.5” Facing Head CE Electrical Specifications SCOPE OF MACHINE BUILD Headstock – spindle with cone ISO 50 Spindle with coupling drive Scraping of gibs, new fixed pin Rocker arm, fork, spindle keys Striking lever, spring, wedges, dispatches Metrical ruler Manual wheel Power tool clamping system, including hydraulic system Way surfaces Z, Y, X are ground, mating slides are milled and surface, gibs ground and scraped Sliding surface of headstock are scraped Screws, bolts, bearing houses Re-turning of clamping area of table Wipers of sliding areas Electrical switchboard and all interconnections, energy grits Lubrication distribution, including feeders Surface treatment of machine RAL standard (blue color) Tailstock (Only with motoric mechanical clamping) Delivery (DDP), without rigging at customers premises Delivery time – October 2022 Pre-Acceptance in the Factory Installation Warranty (1-Year spare parts & labor) Options: Right angle head FP100/40 $15,470.00 Boring bar 80x2500 (Delivery 2 months) $11,200.00 Boring bar 100x250 (Delivery 2 months) $11,700.00 Short knife holder ND 100 (Delivery 2 months) $2,100.00 Long. telescope knife holder TD 50/4 (Delivery 2 months) $3,100.00

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Additional Buyer Responsibility Seller is not responsible for: Machine Foundation - The design, materials and the execution of the foundation. Any building conversion necessary for installation of the machine Waterproofing of the foundation or adjacent areas. Grouting materials or it´s installation to anchor the machine Covering and equipping of the supply channels or walking platforms Power supply lines and disconnect to the required transformer (not supplied) or from there to the machine Technological tools Transformer not supplied by seller Training of the programmers in programming of the machine control system Any and all liquids including all that is necessary for cooling systems, hydraulic units and oils. Buyer should have these ready in specified type and sufficient quantity at the beginning of installation. Cranes, man lifts and other hoisting equipment with the relevant operators and other materials (cables, hooks, poles, etc.) have to be ready and available for Seller´s personnel whenever requested. Machine Acceptance at Buyer´s Premises Acceptance will be carried out immediately after completion of the installation at the Buyer’s premises. Scope of acceptance Inspection and Presentation of the Machine Check of machine completeness according to the order Check of documentation completeness Functional Tests of the Machine Test of all functions of the machine including all options Geometrical test on a complete machine set-up using standard ´s geometric protocols Signature of the Acceptance handover protocol by the Buyer Acceptance tests Acceptance tests to be performed according to Seller standard procedures. WARRANTY: One Year Warranty on Parts and Labor with Installation by Lucas / Fermat. One Year parts only if the machine is installed by customer. Twelve (12) months from signature of Acceptance Handover Protocol. Seller will at its sole and exclusive discretion, either replace or repair any machine or part defective in workmanship or material, at no charge to the Buyer. Transportation charges are covered by Seller. All warranty repairs must either be performed by or authorized by Seller. To obtain warranty service, Buyer has to contact Seller´s Service Department in written form and include information about serial number, date of acceptance handover and description of faults with photos or other documentation. Official Service contact information is part of machine Manual. Materials or parts alleged to be defective shall be returned to Seller, at Seller’s request. After the warranty repair or replacement of a defective part, Seller warranty for such part shall continue f or ninety (90) days or for the remainder of the Original Limited Warranty, whichever is longer. Warranty Limitations This warranty shall remain in effect only if the machine is used and maintained in accordance with all operating and maintenance instructions set forth in the manuals and instruction sheets furnished by Seller. Seller shall have no liability to repair or replace defective parts until the Buyer has fulfilled their payment obligations. No allowance will be made for repairs or alterations made without Seller’s prior written consent or approval. The limited warranty provided by Seller excludes the following: Damage, malfunction, or failure caused by or resulting from improper maintenance, misuse, neglect, accident or any other cause beyond the control of Seller Damage, malfunction, or failure caused by modification of the machine (mechanical or electrical) without written authorization by Seller. Damage, malfunction or failure caused by installation or use of accessories or peripherals not purchased through or authorized in writing by Seller. Paint, batteries, filters, fluids, fuses, light bulbs, or any commonly expendable item. Damage, malfunction, or failure caused by common wear or force majeure Damage to machines and/or components while being transported from Seller warehouse or facility to destination. Accessories or peripherals not manufactured by Seller, which shall be subject only to whatever warranty that is supplied by the manufacturer of such product. CNC control, spindle motors and servo motors, spindle and servo drives, which are covered by manufacturer warranty. Parameters, functions or performance which are not specified in the machine offer or other technical documentation. Commercial Terms: Offer Validity Subject to Prior Sales Packing Overseas Packing Installation Standard Installation Included in the Price Terms of the Offer The offer is non-binding and is subject to confirmation as well as prior sale. In case of order placement, our confirmation of the order constitutes the final sales contract. Dependent on further engineering developments of our products, we reserve the right to change technical details of the equipment supplied. Payment Conditions: 30% advance payment in accordance with the invoice due within 7 days after placing the order 60% prior to shipping. 10% balance payment after bilateral signature of Acceptance handover protocol in connection with successful Acceptance at Buyer’s installation. In case the installation and/or final Acceptance/handing over of the equipment is delayed for reasons due to the Buyer, such as delay or non-conformity of foundations, or any other reason, the Buyer will be responsible for all the consequent extra costs incurred by Seller. In that instance, balance payment will be requested 30 days after machine arrival to the Buyer’s location. Seller does not accept any penalty in the case of delay in deliveries due to delayed incoming payments. Retention of Title The ownership of the goods will be transferred to Buyer after full payment of the contract. Force Majeure Seller is not liable for failure to perform the party’s obligation if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalization, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption, or failure of electricity or telephone service.

Rebuilt 3.9" Tos Model W100 A Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill

Rebuilt 3.9" Tos Model W100 A Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill
Boring Mills, Table Type